Exploration: FMOD

This is a very simple example of an FMOD event

FMOD Middleware tool

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with middleware, such as FMOD. Middleware tools are tools that lay on top of a game engine and provide advanced functionality. The most common ones seen are for game audio, such as FMOD, WWISE, MILES AUDIO (HL2 runs a modified version of MILES), etc. While WWISE is undoubtedly the most advanced and crazy, FMOD is easy to work with and is free to download and play with (without a license you cannot integrate its functionality into a game, but you can design events and send them to someone with the license to implement). This picture demonstrates a simple example of a multi-tracked FMOD event that is mimicking a very basic function of a helicopter. In this example are 4 layers, the blades and three levels of wind speed. It is a very basic, and barely functional example but demonstrates some of the technical capabilities of FMOD. Where normally in a game engine such as UDK you have a basic, limited ability to mix audio based on distance in a perfect sphere shapable only by using reverb volumes; in a middlware tool such as FMOD you can control sound based on any self-set parameter you can think of. As long as your programmer can hook that parameter, your set! Now I know discussion of middleware might not be interesting to all of you, but I am sure there are a few of you who’s interests are piqued. Besides, g3k already has all the infosec covered, I am just here to add more science!

If you want me to cover anything audio-related in particular, I will gladly do so if it is within my current or foreseeable knowledge. I am probably going to cover the UDK (unreal development kit), and when I have time, a more in-depth look at the advanced functionalities of FMOD (and or WWISE if I feel like it).

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