Infosec Attention Deficit Disorder, or IS-ADD

This post is going to deviate a little from the norm. I’m trying to focus more on learning new things, but I’m finding it difficult to learn one thing when there are a million other things out there to learn. I feel like I’m being pulled in 9001 different directions. It’s hard when you start out in this field to know what to do. You can say you want to be a pentester, but there is so much more than just being a pentester. You can specialize in other skills as well, reversing malware, finding bugs and writing exploits, forensics, network analysis, the list goes on. I’m generally a jack of trades, at least in IT I was, but I’m finding it hard to concentrate on learning one thing at a time. I’m overwhelmed with the vastness of things to learn.  I’m currently taking the Pentesting with Backtrack course from work,  I’m also running a honeypot project, reading about reversing malware and  I’m practicing my social engineering in the evenings when I go out. On top of all that, I’m learning PCI stuff for my day job.

What do you do to focus all this? I guess a thing I could do is write a list and prioritize what I want to learn and make goals. That’s what people do, right?  The hard part is making that decision, what do I want to learn? How do I want my career to progress? I feel like after I’ve gotten my first job in InfoSec (and in compliance) I’ve stagnated somehow, I feel like a new car that’s been driven off the lot; my value has gone down.

So my millions of readers, how would you combat this? Have you gone through something like this in the past? How did you fix it? Leave a comment, or fire me an email:

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    I went to google and searched for InfoSec Disillusioned. This page was one of the first 5 results. Yes, I know exactly how you feel. InfoSec for me is becoming a love hate relationship. The field is a mile wide and a mile deep so you never really know what you should be doing. Direction should come from the top down.

    Recently I’ve realized that offensive security work is bullshit. To be valuable to a company, defensive skills are key. UGH. I’m becoming jaded and cynical.

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