g3k plays! Earthbound Part 16 – Fourside Shuffle

Doing the Fourside shuffle! We’re at a point in Earthbound where we’re doing a lot of back and forth, get some gold from the mine, something bad happens and we will meet a fourth friend to share our adventures with. Stay tuned to find out what happens!!!!

Earthbound is one of my favorite games, possibly in the top 3 of my favorite games. The coincidence, is that when this was released in Japan as Mother 2, it was on my birthday in 1994. August 27th 1994, coincidence? I think not.

Earthbound is one of the weirdest, wackiest adventures out there, but it has a very strong message that is often lost in the game’s own goofiness. Tune in while we explore the craziness and strangeness that is Earthbound and uncover what the game actually means./

The music in the endslate of the video is courtesy of YTCracker. He’s made an amazing rap album with samples from Earthbound called The Adventures of the Soundstone. You can listen or buy it here: http://ytcracker.bandcamp.com/album/earthbound-adventures-of-the-sound-stone-vol-1

g3k plays is:

Background video courtesy of http://www.videvo.net/video/abstract-background-1758/1034

Music Courtesy of YTCracker. You can download the album here: http://ytcracker.bandcamp.com/album/earthbound-adventures-of-the-sound-stone-vol-1

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