New Year

Despite the overwhelming amount of posts (which I’ve made private) about promising to do things better, post more or whatever, here is another.

I’m not quite going to promise that I post more. I’m just going to make sure I’m aware that I have a blog and I can write in it. My life has changed so much since I started this nonsense. I’ve gone ahead and made a lot of idiotic posts private or deleted them all together. It’s rather nice to have a personal inventory of growth to review. (kind of like stumbling on your livejournal from when you were a teenager)

I’m also using the blog as an aggregator for my YouTube channel. I’ve decided to do something creative at least. Once I care enough to continue with that, you’ll see some activity here at least.

I have to plan out my year, so far I’m just stumbling through work and life, without a goal(s). Not a good way to live. If I do something relevant, I’ll post here, if I don’t, I won’t. No sense in making rambling posts either whining about my situation or pretending to pass some sort of bitter wisdom on to people.

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