Shifting Red

So my focus lately has been towards red teaming. I’ve been very busy with my own start up as well as BsidesOrlando, which was awesome, but now it’s time to switch my attention back to self learning.

Some of the things I’ve been doing is focusing on building a proper red team bag for myself to take on engagements, I’m still working on putting together a list, but here are a few examples of things that have been useful.

  • K tool (under door tool)- I’ve just recently started playing with bypass tools and this is one of my favorites to use. With the American With Disabilities Act and fire code, a lot of business utilize lever style door handles, which this thing will exploit in a matter of seconds.
  • Bogota entry set – self explanatory, depending on the lock, I’ll usually get through within 30 seconds of starting to pick it.
  • Full lockpick set – I have my favorite, which I got from TOOOL (Tremendous Twelve), but having these has been important since the Bogota entry set won’t get you past every lock
  • Monocular – Great for creeping on employees from my car across the street. I’m not happy with the one I have, but I can usually get a badge template in my head and sketch down in my…
  • Field notes – Paper is still king when it comes to quickly writing something down and saving it for later
  • Fisher Space Pen – Love this little pen, fits in my pocket without being obtrusive and even writes upside down!
  • Nexus7 Community PwnPad – While I haven’t had much use for it, it’s handy to do wifi recon and nabbing keys. The problem with the Nexus7 is that it’s slow for a lot of things, so I’ll often have to take anything that needs cracking back to my server.
  • LA Police Gear Operator Backpack – Lots of space to put all my things an organize them well. Also sits great on my shoulders when walking long distances to tail a target.

More is coming. I gave a talk at BsidesOrlando that covers a lot of this stuff, as well as self-learning techniques, but my slides were lost. I submitted to Derbycon, so I may have to make new ones! The video will be published soon though.

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