Defcon Journey p.1

So I made it to Defcon this year. I’m going to attempt to sort out my thoughts and experiences in this post without sounding too livejournaly.

I arrived on Wednesday, I was hoping by the time I had gotten there, the people I had made crashing arrangements with would be there, but they ended up being really late. I was able to check my bag into Circus Circus and make my way to BsidesLV. I was planning on going to Bsides, mostly to talk to a potential employer, but the one talk I got to hear on Wednesday really made me happy. I sat in on the Infosec Mentor panel, and I got some really good advice. I wanted to ask a question of the panel, but someone ran over on time on theirs and I didn’t get to ask. The venue was amazing, the panel basically sat in the sand in this ridiculous amazing pool, I put my feet in the water and hung out.

Those of you that know me, know that I’ve been vying for a job at [REDACTED] for some time now. A few weeks before Defcon, I saw a Twitter post advertising a post-Blackhat party they were throwing and I RSVP’d.  I struggled with going, I’m not the best at socializing with random people, but in the end I decided to go. It was held at the Rhumbar at the Mirage, which was glorious. Like I said, I was hesitant on going, but I’m glad I went because I met some people from the Hacker Olympics IRC that I’ve been hanging out with for the past few weeks. redsand and all them made sure I drank plenty. I also got a chance to talk to a few people from Fishnet that gave me great advice on getting hired there.  Met a lot of people and somehow ended up in a limo at the end to head over to Rapid7’s party. While it was cool that I got to go, it was hot as hell there and a huge sausagefest.  Didn’t stay long and hopped in a cab to head back to the hotel.

Spent Wednesday at BsidesLV. The first thing I saw was the the speed debate panel, where the people participating were given a topic, and then given a position on whether they were for or against that topic, regardless of their actual opinions. HD Moore, Jack Daniels, Josh Corman and Dennis Fisher really gave the panel some good answers. HD Moore was asked to argue against disclosure at one point, which was cool to see, because it’s HD Moore arguing against disclosure 😛 Saw egypt’s presentation on the new PHP Meterpreter for Metasploit. Got to see some of the innerworkings of what goes on in Metasploit development, which is good because I eventually would like to contribute to the project myself. I was originally there to see Eric Smith’s talk  “Roman Profiles: 6 Mistakes of Consulting” because I had sent my resume to Lares consulting. I wasn’t sure what the talk was really about, but I’m glad I went: his talk covered the mistakes consultants make as consultants. I’m good at the technical stuff, but I’ve never really worked as a consultant, so it was a huge insight into that part of the job. I got to meet him and talk a little bit.   At that point, I headed back to the hotel and made my way to the Toxic BBQ, which was a disappointment for me. I went with the group I was staying with at the hotel and they were kind of buzzkilling the whole thing. When we got back to the hotel, I took that opportunity to get some rest before Defcon officially started the next day.

I’m going to continue this tomorrow. If you are wondering WTF this is, it’s just me sorting out my thoughts and experiences online. I’m working on a few projects and I will be posting technical content in the near future, but for now, this is kind of acting as a livejournal.

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2 comments on “Defcon Journey p.1
  1. Klaus says:

    Don t understand how exactly i got in here but i m really glad i ve found it. Hmmm… i m starting to believe google is begining to read my mind 🙂 Great work!

  2. g3k says:

    It happens. It was actually funny to read a post from a year ago, since I’ve come so far. Thanks for the comment.

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