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Blogging about my adventures in let’s plays, as well as a link dump for each new video that I make.

g3k plays! Earthbound Part 16 – Fourside Shuffle

Doing the Fourside shuffle! We’re at a point in Earthbound where we’re doing a lot of back and forth, get some gold from the mine, something bad happens and we will meet a fourth friend to share our adventures with.

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g3k plays! Earthbound Part 15 – Back in the Saddle Again

Hey everyone, back for another round of Earthbound let’s plays! Sorry it took me so long to get back at it, but here we are again! Hope you enjoy watching, the next video will be scheduled for release this evening!

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g3k plays! Earthbound Part 14 – Recording them beats

I meant to have this out on Christmas Eve, but something messed up completely while uploading it! I hope you enjoy this! Earthbound is one of my favorite games, possibly in the top 3 of my favorite games. The coincidence,

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