Super Mario World g3k plays ft. Hacksonville One Off

So this is a one-off of me and my buddy Hacksonville beating Super Mario World! Sorry I don’t have a custom thumbnail or any of the special stuff, but this was very impromptu. Work has been very stressful this week, but I promise that I’ll have some new videos up Read more ›

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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past g3k plays ft. Hacksonville One off

Hey guys, this is a one off, my good buddy Jess and I beat Link to the Past in under 6 minutes. This is live, on my SNES hardware that I record my footage from and 1 of 2 copies of LTTP. My apologies for the shitty quality of the Read more ›

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g3k plays Earthbound Part 20 – Fourside and Back Again

Sorry we didn’t get much done in this video! Made some grave inventory errors! Hope you enjoy anyway!

Earthbound is one of the weirdest, wackiest adventures out there, but it has a very strong message that is often lost in the game’s own goofiness. Tune in while we explore Read more ›

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