PWK + OSCP Review

First off a little housekeeping regarding You’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve been really quiet on the blog the last 6 months or so. I stopped doing g3k plays and other fun things to focus on BsidesOrlando and other career related things. I’m planning to post here more often now that I’ve completed the OSCP. Between BsidesOrlando, SANS, PWK and getting engaged, I haven’t had a lot of free time. Now for the actual review.


So this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to take PWK. Hell, I even tried to take PWB a few years ago. The thing you have to realize going into PWK is that you have to set aside a fairly large chunk of time. 90 days seems like a long time, but when you have a job, a life and are involved in the community, it gets eaten up quickly. With my first attempt to take the PWB, I wasn’t given a lot of time at work, even though it was a requirement for getting my bonus. I was managing a large chunk of clients across all US time zones mostly by myself, which was quite honestly silly. The second attempt, I won a voucher in a silent auction and I had petitioned my employer to let me take time to work on it, which they said they would and wasn’t true at all. The third time, I just tried to do too much at once, but I really wanted it so I stuck with it and just today I’ve officially passed. I originally took 90 days, but I had to extend the labs for another 30 days due to poor time management. So if you have a busy calendar, whether it be social or professional, make it clear to your employer and loved ones that you will need time to work on this. My wonderful fiancée (who became my fiancée halfway through all this) was completely on board and did a lot of cooking while I worked in the labs. I’d like to take this spot of the post to recognize her, because she was a trooper and a huge support. Read more ›

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Super Mario World g3k plays ft. Hacksonville One Off

So this is a one-off of me and my buddy Hacksonville beating Super Mario World! Sorry I don’t have a custom thumbnail or any of the special stuff, but this was very impromptu. Work has been very stressful this week, but I promise that I’ll have some new videos up Read more ›

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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past g3k plays ft. Hacksonville One off

Hey guys, this is a one off, my good buddy Jess and I beat Link to the Past in under 6 minutes. This is live, on my SNES hardware that I record my footage from and 1 of 2 copies of LTTP. My apologies for the shitty quality of the Read more ›

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